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A comedy podcast

With Maria Ciampa and Justin Carr

With Maria Ciampa and Justin Carr

With Maria Ciampa and Justin Carr With Maria Ciampa and Justin Carr With Maria Ciampa and Justin Carr

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Art: Clay Murrell

Music: Maxwell Butler

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What is Wrong Voicemail, Boston Edition?

A comedy podcast! You can find it everywhere you listen to podcasts. 

If you're new to podcasts, and don't know how to start, congratulations!

Here's an article to get you started. 

What is Wrong Voicemail, Boston Edition about?

The quick description: Comedian Maria Ciampa and her longtime husband and co-host Justin Carr investigate (laugh at) several voicemails they got from Boston politicians they don't even know.

Whaddaya mean, "Wrong Voicemail"?

You know what a wrong number is. Well, a wrong voicemail is when you get a voicemail from someone you don't know - someone who thinks they're calling someone else.

We got 10 of these! Ten! From a Boston's politician's office. And once we realized we had so many, and we laughed at the accents and the content, we thought (well, Maria thought), "Hey, I'd like to share this laughter with more people. I think I'll teach myself how to make a podcast." 

And she did. And Justin built them a sound recording booth in their Los Angeles apartment, even though he's had 4 back surgeries, which is part of the reason neither Maria or Justin ever called anyone back - we were busy with our own stuff. 

If you only have 10 voicemails, what happens after that?

What a great question! 

Well, our friends have already sent us so many funny stories about getting their own wrong voicemails. Some have sent us the sound files, which we LOVE.

We'll use these stories to keep the laughter going as long as it makes sense. 

If you have a wrong voicemail, send it to us!

You can attach the sound file, or re-create it and attach that sound file. Or send the story if you don't have the sound file. How fun. 


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Original Art and Music!

Pod art by Clay Murrell.

Original music by Maxwell Butler


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